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Smile Makeovers and Smile Design by experienced and skilled Cosmetic Dentists

A perfect smile can leave a lasting impression, boost your confidence and help you to look and feel younger.

The team at London Cosmetic Dentistry can design a customised smile which is perfectly suited to you. The dentist will be guided by your personal preferences, first identifying what your ideal smile would be. They will take into account the size, shape and texture of your natural teeth, as well as facial features such as the lip line, jaw angle, eye symmetry and facial profile and will then make treatment recommendations based on what needs to be done in order to attain your perfect smile. When the plan has been agreed, treatment can commence.

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The Smile Makeover process itself can involve combination of treatments such as porcelain dental veneers, ceramic dental crowns, dental implants and white tooth fillings to create a smile that looks both dazzling and natural.

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Our Principal Dentist, Dr. Raj Gogna, is an experienced cosmetic dentist with extensive expertise in all aspects of Smile Design. He uses his extensive skill and experience in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics and implantology to design, plan and carry out Smile Makeovers.

We are delighted to report that our patients have been consistently satisfied with their new smiles. Even in the most challenging and extreme cases, Dr. Gogna has been able to perform comprehensive smile makeovers to create stunning smiles.

Please click on the link to our Smile Design Gallery to view a selection of the dental transformations made possible by the care, skill and experience of our cosmetic dentistry team.

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