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Dental Practice Fees

Why is it important to have the fees on this page?

We know how important fees are to you and how much you want to ensure that you get full value for money. You will know that 'cheap' is rarely 'best' and that the most important thing is that you receive excellent quality along with excellent value.

What you will find at either of our London Cosmetic Dentistry practices is a relaxing dental experience from our in-house dentists and specialists. You will find our qualified staff, that have often been with us for more than 12 years, are able to offer you the latest equipment and care from our award-winning dental practice.

As we have been established for 25 years you will know that this means we are here for the long haul to ensure your continued dental health.

"I have always found this practice to be excellent. The staff are friendly and efficient and Dr. Gogna is a top dentist. After a lot of excellent care and treatment, my teeth are now in good condition. I would recommend this practice to anyone." 

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Chingford Mount


New patients £75 £75
Includes up to 4 x-rays    
Routine examination £36 £54
Each small x-ray £12 £14-25
30 min hygiene visit £54.50 £65
One hour hygiene visit £109 £130
Small white fillings from £99 £125
Large white fillings from £155 £165
Ceramic/resin inlays £475 £595
Metal ceramic crowns from £475 £595
All ceramic crowns from £810 £825
Porcelain veneers from £475 £595
Root canal treatments from £395 £495
Orthodontic consultation £75 £95
Fixed orthodontic treatment from £2500 single arch to £4000 both arches  
Invisalign 'Lite' from £1900  
Inman aligner from £1750 single arch