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Experienced London Endodontist. Root Canal Treatments for Tooth Damage, Infection, Sclerosed or Curved canals

If a tooth has been damaged or has an infection, the main objective is always to save the natural tooth.

Depending on the severity, your dentist may refer you to an Endodontist, a specialist in saving damaged or injured teeth. Endodontists are dentists with at least two years' additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of root canal problems and are specialists in treating teeth where there is damage or an infection, or instances where teeth have narrow or blocked canals.

Endodontic treatment involves removing the injured pulp (the soft inner tissue of the tooth) and filling and sealing the space. Endodontists often use advanced technology including operating microscopes to perform these specialist procedures.

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Once a tooth has had appropriate endodontic treatment, followed by proper restoration, it will perform in the same way as the natural teeth.